Miles Davis, Doo Bop (Warner Bros, 1992)

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Miles Davis, Doo Bop (Warner Bros, 1992)

I love late Miles Davis. 🎺 So ridiculous, so rich, so ahead of its time, so conflicting, so postmodern. 🎸 So honest in its embarrassing-ness, and so embarrassing in its honesty. 🙌

Cleaning my room on a Sunday.

"Let's kick a verse for my man called Miles 'Cause seems to me he's gonna be 'round for a long while 'Cause he's a multi-talented and gifted musician Who can play any position It's no mystery that you're no risk to me 'Cause I'm the lover and tell your girl to throw a kiss to me And hop in bed and have a fight with the pillow Turn off the lights and let the J give it to ya And let the trumpet blow as I kick this 'Cause rap is fundamental and Miles sounds so wicked A little taste of bebop sound with the backdrop of doo-hop And this is why we can call it the doo-bop. "

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