Currently Reading in PostModernism

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Elfriede Jelinek, Die Klavierlehrerin;

Amelia Jones, Body Art / Performing the Subject;

Han Kang, The Vegetarian;

Evelyn Fox Keller, Reflections on Gender and Science;

Hal Foster, The Return of the Real: Art and Theory at the End of the Century;

Hal Foster, Prosthetic Gods;

Eric Rohmer / Claude Chabrol, Hitchcock

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Cecil Taylor - Silent Tongues Pat Metheny - Bright Size Life John Coltrane - Ascension George Szell & The Cleveland Orchestra - Beethoven Symphony No. 9 (1974) John Williams Plays Bach - The Complete

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Deepak Chopra on the Coronavirus Deepak Chopra had some positive words on the virus. Listening to him was quite relaxing. The virus reminds us that all borders are imaginary. To strenghten our immune

Weekly Recommendations 9.2.2020

Jennifer Walshe - A Late Anthology of Early Music vol. 1 Jennifer Walshe is releasing a new album! I was fortunate to be in Sligo, Ireland in September 2018, when jennifer Walshe presented her exhibit

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