Weekly Recommendations 07. January 2020

The electronic music trio Noisia have a very specific aesthetic, or style, which I found to be an acquired taste. Once understanding the amount of work it takes to mix their music, and to create their sounds, I became more and more fascinated. Isn´t it interesting that intellectually understanding something increases our enjoyment of it? Here is a look of them in the studio:


Here is some of their music:


And more Noisia:


There is a new Future and Drake collaboration. For fans of both artists the track is an enjoyable contribution to their oeuvre, featuring all the characteristics which make them who they are. I like the beat. The video is fun. Drake´s acting skill are on display in some moments. I guess this counts as a guilty pleasure: https://youtu.be/l0U7SxXHkPY

An old friend claimed listening to Blossom Dearie, with her New York accent, served to remind them of me. I was quite happy to hear this from someone. Here a lovely clip of Dearie in Paris: https://youtu.be/4hGjzuXchGg

If you are looking for excellent tutorials on how your DAW works, and how filtering, compression, reverb and all the standard control effects can really be used, then you will be interested in the following tutorials a friend sent to me: Dan Worral: https://www.youtube.com/user/IIRs

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